Multi-station mobile phone screen bonding system

  • Machine functions:Glass film bonding/debonding machines.
  • Software functions:To confirm the alignment marks on glass and films before bonding.
  • Accuracy:±10um
  • Delivered to the touch screen manufacturer (Kunshan FTY.).

Automatic spring measurement systems

  • The automatic spring measurement system measures the length and automatically conducts the length corrections (micro-adjustment via the axial motor).
    Delivered to the spring manufacturer in Taiwan.

Wafer defect inspection systems

  • Software functions:To conduct wafer alignment after loading.
  • Software functions:PC-based control,  mapping before alignment. It accordingly moves to the notch position, and conducts auto-focus while measuring the roundness and determining defects.
  • The least squares circle method and the minimum zone circle method.
  • The maximum inscribed circle method and the minimum circumscribed circle method.
  • To determine the doping concentration and check other quality indicators.