LED transparent films are compact, bendable, and highly-transparent. They can be curved to fit diverse surfaces to be an attention-grabbing advertising tool for numerous shopping malls and freely combined into different glass curtain wall designs or glass windows. They are suitable for various types of shopping malls, areas with limited space, stage settings, and landmark buildings. Whether indoors or outdoors, marketing with LED transparent films should be a new marketing trend to increase the value of advertising and attract audience attention.

We have been introduced advanced lamination and LED display technologies for the LED transparent films, taking the lead in the LED industry. Our LED transparent films are easy to install and maintain, making them a more valuable advertising medium.



The LED is completely embedded into the film and can be bent in order to attach to curved glass surfaces.

Lighter in weight

The weight of a single module is only 1.3kg. 

High transparency

The transparency is over 85% with characteristics of high brightness and high transmittance while ensuring no impacts on the glass curtain wall designs.

The thinnest in the industry

Only 2.5mm-thickness.

Full color display

It can be displayed in full color, supporting HDMI-in and being able to advertising at all hours.

Fire and UV resistant

Fireproof and UV resistant, there will be no yellowing problem for 5 to 10 years.


With our specially developed self-adhesive technology, our LED transparent films can be directly attached to the glass surface. The self-adhesive glue ensures strong adhesion and due to the characteristics of the glue , the viscosity  will increase over time, making the LED transparent films reusable.