Long Pass Filters (LPF)

Optical Communication Filters

Materials:Optical glass including B270I, K9,and D263T.
Chemical Elements: Si and Ge
Specifications:Customizations are available.
Applications:Optical detectors, gas detectors, thermal components, medical diagnostic devices, and 5G telecom technologies.
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Item Angle of incidence Wavelength Optical index
LP5500 2~14um 2~5um T<1% , 5.5~14um Tave>85%
LP3500 2~5.5 um 2~3.2um T<1% , 3.5~5.5um Tave>90%
LP7800 2~10.6 um 2~7.3um T<1% , 7.8~10.6um Tave>90%