What is anti-glare (AG)?

How to do anti-glare

Anti-glare films can be applied to various places in daily life to improve visibility by diffusing light and suppressing reflected light (glare) to reduce glare and reflections. Anti-glare films have been applied to displays, televisions, car displays, dashboards, etc.

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What is anti-glare (AG) ? Let's learn more!

The principle of anti-glare (AG) is to coat the substrate with a textured film to reduce glare and reflections. The special textured surface can diffuse light, reduce reflected light (glare), and improve visibility.

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What are the benefits of anti-glare (AG) coatings?

Reduce eye strain 

Anti-glare films can reduce the amount of light that enters the eyes. For people work on a computer for a long time, anti-glare films can help reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Improve visibility

Anti-glare films can reduce the reflection of ambient light, allowing you to enjoy beautiful, vivid images with improved visibility.

Easy to clean

Anti-glare films are easy to clean. Dirt can be wiped off with an ultra-fine fiber cleaning cloth containing a mild detergent without leaving scratches on the anti-glare films or LCD.

What are the disadvantages of anti-glare (AG) coatings?


Due to the additional process of anti-glare coating during the manufacturing, the price will be more expensive than regular displays. When purchasing, it is recommended that users consider whether they need to add anti-glare coatings based on their needs.

A slight decrease in color saturation

Anti-glare films provide vivid images;however, when an anti-glare film is coated on the surface of a substrate, it slightly impacts color saturation.Therefore, anti-glare films may be not suitable for people who require accurate color saturation and color reproducibility.

Introduction of three application examples of anti-glare film.

Digital products

Anti-glare films are used in smartphones, computer monitors, etc. Film materials used include PET, TAC, and PC. By applying anti-glare treatment to the surface of a computer monitor, it can reduce reflected light (glare), therefore it can help ease eye strain and fatigue while maintaining high image quality.

Automotive products

Anti-glare treatment is not only applied to digital products such as smartphones and computer monitors, but also used in automotive products such as car windshields, rearview mirrors, and head-up displays. For example, by applying anti-glare treatment to a car windshield, it can diffuse light and reduce reflected light (glare) to improve visibility.

Consumer electronics

Anti-glare treatment is also often being used in consumer devices such as glass lenses, camera lenses, and watch glass lenses to eliminate reflected light (glare).  Anti-glare treatment can be applied to almost any type of products to enhance visual experience. 


Anti-glare films are used in everyday life and technology applications to improve optical performances. YANG EN TECH CO., LTD. have over 15 years of experience in providing services including optical coating designs, optical filter manufacturing, glass processing/finishing, and all kinds of optical coatings. .Should you have any requests for anti-glare films, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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